Making Your Family A Priority

Proven Counsel For Child Support And Modifications

Parents on either side of a child support case can be passionate about how much money is needed to care for their child. While the Arizona legal system allows people to represent themselves in child support cases, parents are often too close to the case to present an effective argument. Parents facing a child support dispute or modification need a trusted legal professional who will guide them through their case.

At Glickstein Law, PLLC Attorney Falynn S. Baum, I work to get my child support clients the best possible outcome. I have an extensive understanding of the strategies used by both sides of a child support dispute and can represent clients on either side of a case. From my Phoenix office, I represent people in Scottsdale, Mesa and across the entirety of Arizona.

A Capable Child Support Attorney

Arizona courts decide child support payments with a calculator that accounts for: parental income, the cost of medical insurance and a few other factors. While this calculation may appear clear-cut, your unique life circumstances can influence the final amount.

I will review your living situation, income and other factors to help you determine your expected child support payment. I am a practiced family law attorney who will work to get your deserved payments both in the courtroom and in negotiations.

Knowledgeable Counsel For Child Support Modifications And Enforcement

I also help clients who wish to change or enforce their child support agreements. If your life circumstances have changed, I will show the courts why your child support payment deserves a modification. If you are not receiving your full child support payment, I will help you carry out the enforcement process. I have worked with the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) and the Arizona Attorney General’s Office for years in cases involving the establishment, enforcement and modification of child support agreements.

Schedule Your Free Consultation With A Lawyer

Many people worry that their legal fees will outweigh the benefits of working with an attorney. During you free initial consultation, I will answer your questions and give you an honest assessment of your case. I have Spanish translators available so that we can communicate in your preferred language. To schedule a free consultation, call 602-842-0887 or send me a message.