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Alternate Divorce Resolutions Through Mediation

Getting a divorce does not mean that you have to go through ugly and lengthy battles over every aspect of it with your spouse. There are other methods to resolving a divorce that can be beneficial for everyone involved. Mediation is a common example of an alternative dispute resolution for divorces, but in order to pursue this option, you will need a mediator.

Here at Glickstein Law, PLLC Attorney Falynn S. Baum, I understand how difficult it can be to get a divorce. It is my goal as your mediator to be an objective third party to help you and your spouse settle things swiftly and civilly. There are many benefits to divorce mediation that you may find appealing enough to pursue in your own situation.

The Benefits Of Working With A Mediator

I have been helping families in Phoenix and the surrounding areas settle their divorces through mediation for years, and I pride myself in remaining impartial and helping both parties focus on negotiating rather than fighting.

Negotiations allow parties to calmly discuss how to divide assets, reach a custody agreement best, and a fair value for child support and alimony. Emotions can quickly get in the way and slow down the entire divorce process, which is why I step in when necessary to keep things flowing smoothly.

There may not be a solution where everyone gets their perfect outcome, but there is always a solution where everyone gets the best possible outcome in their specific situation. The longer a divorce takes, the more time, money and energy you need to settle things in court, so let mediation keep things short, simple and affordable.

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