Making Your Family A Priority

Legal Protection Before, During And After Your Divorce

If, as a lawyer, I could do only one thing for my divorce and legal separation clients, I would help them understand their rights, because only when armed with understanding can they ensure the protection of those rights.

At Glickstein Law, PLLC Attorney Falynn S. Baum, I will explain your rights during your initial consultation. Additionally, I will explain the process for obtaining a divorce or legal separation, and I will help you understand the possible outcomes based on your specific situation.

Your Legal Options For Divorce In Arizona

In the state of Arizona, there are two basic types of divorce — uncontested and contested. When a divorce is uncontested, it simply means that neither spouse disagrees with filing for divorce or with the terms of the divorce itself. Generally, unless problems arise during the process, I charge a flat fee for representing clients’ interests in uncontested divorces.

When a divorce is contested, it means one of two things. Either one spouse does not want a divorce or the spouses cannot agree on the terms of the divorce. Usually, when one spouse contests a divorce, the process becomes infused with emotion — my job is to help you look past your emotions and toward your future by helping you make some of life’s most difficult decisions.

Is Legal Separation An Option?

In Arizona, unlike in many other states, legal separation is indeed an option. When spouses choose this path, they remain legally married while living separately with an agreement in place that outlines the separation.

Many people who choose this option do so for religious reasons. However, financial reasons can also lead people to choose legal separation over divorce. For example, if one spouse needs health insurance that the other spouse has provided and no other options are available, legal separation is sometimes the solution. Similarly, some spouses choose to legally separate instead of divorce as a way to increase the Social Security benefits for which they will be eligible at retirement.

Let Me Help Determine Which Option Is Right For You

If you are uncertain about which option best fits you and your family’s needs, I invite you to schedule a free initial consultation at my Encanto Village law office. By calling 602-842-0887 or emailing me, you can arrange a time to discuss your current situation and explore your options. During our meeting, you will discover why so many people in the Phoenix metropolitan area turn to me, attorney Falynn S. Baum, for help during life’s challenging moments.