Making Your Family A Priority

Experienced Help For All Family Law Problems

Since the doors of my Encanto Village-based law firm, Glickstein Law, PLLC Attorney Falynn S. Baum, first opened, I have had the honor of being a long-term legal ally to many of my clients. Because I offer such a wide range of family law services, I regularly help clients from throughout Maricopa County with their initial needs, such as paternity or divorce, and then provide ongoing support as their situations change over time.

My Family Law Practice Areas

If you need legal assistance with one family law problem, know that I, attorney Falynn S. Baum, can continue to assist you in the future with any other problem that arises, including any of the following:

  • Divorce: I offer clients representation for both contested and uncontested divorces, along with legal separations. To learn more about the divorce and separation processes in Arizona, please visit my Divorce page.
  • Child custody and legal decision-making: In January 2013, Arizona law regarding child custody changed, which pushes the courts to make decisions in favor of co-parenting and equal access to children. Armed with knowledge of Arizona statutes, I can evaluate your situation and provide you with an honest opinion of what you can expect.
  • Child support: Each parent has an obligation to help support his or her children. When the courts make initial child support determinations, they do so using a child support calculator. If you are at the beginning of the process, I can provide an estimate of what you can expect to pay or receive. In addition, I can help you file for a modification or request enforcement, if your situation requires either.
  • Spousal maintenance: Unlike child support, spousal maintenance, sometimes referred to as alimony, is NOT determined using a calculator. The amount a court will award and the duration of the award vary based on a number of factors. I can help you understand how those factors affect you, while explaining your options.
  • Fathers’ rights/Paternity: Under state law, fathers have the same rights as mothers, because it is in the child’s best interest, which is the goal of the courts. Unfortunately, even with current laws in place, fathers often find themselves pushed aside. My goal is to help fathers assert their rights, allowing them to build loving and caring relationships with their children.
  • Enforcement: Clients who need my help with enforcement are usually already struggling both emotionally and financially. If you are unsure whether the cost of a legal battle is worth the benefit of a favorable outcome, I can examine your situation and offer you an honest opinion and possible solutions.
  • Post-decree modifications: When parties divorce or separate, they agree based on their current situations. As everyone knows, situations change. If you have had major life changes and you need modifications made to your existing settlement, whether you are a payer or a payee, I can help you pursue the needed changes.
  • Document preparation and limited scope representation: As evidence of my dedication to affordability, I offer document preparation services/limited scope representation to my clients. Because I understand that some people do not need or cannot afford full representation, I can provide legal guidance on only the aspects of your case that you request. Thanks to this understanding, I offer assistance with the preparation and filing of a variety of family law-related documents. For example, you may be able to come to an agreement with your spouse or co-parent on a family law matter without an attorney’s help, but you want a lawyer to handle the legal documents to ensure they are drafted and filed correctly. Clients appreciate this type of representation because it allows them to get the help they need at an affordable price. Do you have questions about limited scope representation? Just contact me and I will explain how it may be right for you. Your consultation is free.

Discuss Your Family Law Needs With Me Today

If you face a legal challenge requiring a lawyer’s help with any of the above, you can take advantage of my offer for a free initial consultation at my Phoenix law office. By calling 602-842-0887 or emailing me, you can arrange a time to meet with me to discuss your needs.